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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  March 20, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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fidel castro calling it a nest of spice. but it reopened officially in august of last year. after leaving the embassy, the president will take a tour of old havan, a then make a stop here at the cathedral. today we heard from a top cuban official who talked about what obama's trip could mean to cuba. >> we have to speak opey about the differences of conceptions that we have, but not with the pretension that we will change you or you will change us, because it will be finally up to our populations, which are to decide what kind of government they consider is better for them. >> reporter: we've spoken with a lot of cubans about their reaction to the president's visit and one person seemed to have a message for miami exiles. (speaking spanish)
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preparations are still under way at the baseball stadium for the game between t cuban national team and the tampa bay rays on tuesday. today w@ heard a song that was very surprising to hear on cuban soil, the national anthem, being played and sang by a cuban choir of young people. oh say can you see by the dawn's early light >> reporter: i'm joined now by my colleague who had a chance to talk with some tampa bay rays players, and we als heard today danevitar who had some painful words about the game that be played on tuesday. >> he is highly critical becausehe is of cuban heritage. he says the mlb should have never come here for this game. but then we hear from the cuban players, from the folks in tampa, they're so excited, not just because it's competition, but because it's history. baseball bringing two old foes
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>> theheove of the game is at the core of what they have there. >> reporter: players from the tampa bay rays thrilled at the chance to see the legendary baseball culture here in cuba. >> we feel pretty lucky that we got picked. >> same union of two countries by way of baseball still pains some. >> it just hurt my feelings. >> reporter: usually funny, but dan is now tackling a tough and personal subject. >> espn gave this show, me, my father, the opportunity to go and it was just heartbreaking to my mother,ouldn't even talk to her about it. so i won't g. >> reporter: it was an espn promo he heard that sparkedim to lash out. too much pain associated with this, he says, especially with a small pocket of older exiled cubans. >> we were chased through the streets by the police with chains for having political views. >> reporter: he worries new relations, the president's visit
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>> miami understands, but i don't think anybody else understand it would be really hard to understand. >> reporter: the game goes on, literally and figuratively, and players on both ses of the florida straits are r ready.this cuban pitcher says cuba still has quality players and he thinks they can put on a good show. so these players are looking for that competition, but one thing they don't want to miss is the president of the united states being at the stadium. >> and he is going to be there with with with president raul castro. >> yes, that's w wt we hear at this point. we're not sure if he's throwing out the firstitch though. >> this is a rubber match between the cuban national team and the american baseball team, the baltimore orioles actually beat the cuban national team back in 1999 and then the cuban national team beat them later in baltimore. >> it's odd. >> it's a funny moment today
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got on the phone with the president before leaving to come here. >> you c c't make this up, right the president likes to joke around a little. we've seen it before back in america. here it is, local 10 already has the story, the comedian, apparently this c character's name --the president did have a conversation with him. >> let's take a listen. (speaking spanish) >> yes, the real obama. who is this? >> my name is -- >> f fm the tv show? >> yes, yes. >> (speaking spash.
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the united states is s saying --you can't make it up. >> we have a lot to look forward to tomorrow. when the president arrives here, again, will president castro meet him at the airport? so we will have to see. of course we're following the presidenen every step of the way and we have you covered. so until tomorrow,e'll see you then. back to youou >> calvin hughes in havana for us. stay with local 10 news for complete coverage from cuba, we'll have live reports on the president's arrival in havana tomorrow at 4:00. anchor: we're also learning cuba. the c. d. c. has issued a travel advisory for the island. this comes after the first local case was confirmed there on tuesday. the virus leads to birth defects in pregnant woman and may also be sexually transmitted. the warning comes on the eve of president obama's historic visit to cuba. >> also tonight, wild weather off the coast of f . laurdale. beach goers captured a water
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posted on social media. that system eventually hit land and did some damage, boats were tossed and peoplu at a restaurant near the beach got quite a scare. it happened around 2:30 in the afternoon. >> winds were well over 50 mil per hour. eric shore is live in ft. lauderdale with more on the damage. >> reporter: good evening. we are hearing officially from the weather service that this was a tornado, a water spout that turned into a tornado when it hit land. and it caused damage. take a look at some of the debris left on theeach. you really can't recognize it, but that is a sale boat, it reallylcaused a scarereor beach goers out here today.
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it was really scary. >> reporter: the fierce wind speed sending items flying along ft. lauderdale beach boulevard, as can you see in this surveillance video. leaves. outdoor cafes caved in. and a handful of sail boats parked on shore tossed across the sand, most snapped like twigs. >> we saw the wind just take everything and just spin it around, and it just started throwing everything, like the way. >eporter: take a look at this video, the moment the spout came towards shore, sending terrifd people running for cover to avoid injury. this man was in the water with a mass, when the spout formed.
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>> when the
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>> ahor he played b ball for baltimore, walker had roots in miami, he was born here and attended northwestern senior high school before b bng selected in the fourth round of
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>> dance party. >> the other big music eventnts the ultra music festival. thousands of people have taken
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weekend. leeanne, what have you g got? >> reporter: that's how we do it here. we're at ultra music fest. if you've been anywhere near downtown you'verobably heard those thumping beats. some people coming out already, but the party is going on for at least one more hour until midnig. so just for a moment, for a couple of minutes, we're going to take you inside ultra music fest. stay tuned. the beat of ultra music festival has the heart of miami pumping. >> it's the atmosphere and all the people, everyone is acting crazy and it's so much fun to see. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people from all over the world make the yearly pilgrimage to bayfront park wearing their brightest, flashiest, quirkiest garb. >> i always try to go with something that really screams my personality.
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altars of the best d.j.s. they know firsthand what it's like to play before an international crowd at one of the world's biggest festivals. >> wheyou're standing on that stage at that time and the sun is going down and you see the crowd going crazy on your music, that's perfect. >> reporter: the fans come from far and wide, out of state. >> chicago. >> how is miamimi treating you so far? >> pretty good. >> reporter: or as far away as these guys who came from kuwait. >> in ourountry -- >> reporter: miami police are keeping things safe and secure for the festival, as miami fire medical calls. for the thousands of revelers partying latat into the night. >> i love coming to this, i never miss out. >> reporter: we've even got photo journalist nick in on the action, we're going to fist pump all night. this is going on until midnight.
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music off at midnight so the neighbors can get some sleep. but there's a whole other day coming tomorrow, the last day of ultra music fest. >> anchor: all right. fist pumping out there, and no rain a least for miami. but we're seeing a couple of showers impact traffic keys. also severe threat could be seen
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> anchor: for us we've been dealing with those showers, especially in broward, but now things have quieted down except for the keys. lower keys getting a bit o rain, some heavy showers lining up right over the florida bay as well.
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some heavy downpours. zooming in on this, these are actually not moving anywhere, they're just pretty much stang put. so 18-mile stretch, you'll probably,see some rain overnight. there's that other band over the water, pulling toward the north and east, could graze our coastline. this is ahead of a cold front that's headed our way by tomorrow. right now temperatures under the 70s. they'll struggle to dip because of the cloud cover. winds are calm for miami, or a light breeze out of the south. the model will depict that showers will start to form again in the morning, and look at this big band. this indicates that there could be strong storms once again, this time the threat will p pss to the south over miami-dade and the keys tomorrow afternoon. sof course stay tuned with with us and we'll keep you up to date on that. if you want to head to the beach tomorrow, head out early. there still could be a few showers along the coast. for boaters, no advisories so
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well as for the keys. this will change, though as we head into tomorrow when that front gets closer. winds are going to pick up, that ll stir up the sea. site will be breezy and coolermonday. by the way, tomorrow is the first day of spring and that
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temperaturesarly next week. >> anchor: it's always a big heat when the heat take on lebron james and the cavaliers. but tonight was bigger, we needed to see how they'd respond after that loss to charlotte on thursday the answer, ver well, thank you. lebron did his p!rt, he goes for 26 to lead cleveland. but the heat unstoppable tonight.
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the 20,000 point milestone, a great moment for an all-time great. he led with 24. the big q question, could he dunk, me the coolest thing is i've been wearing this one jersey, and i got all 20,000 of those in a miami uniform. it's amazing to be part of the history of the game. >> reporter: how about the hurricanes, looking to move into the sweet 16 taking on a tough witchita state team. cancers jumping out to a lead, but the shockers are tough, they come all theheay back. baker hits the three to give them%the lead.
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a long alley-oop from angel to mcclellan. rodriguez was great down the stretch, he scored the team high 28, and the cancers dance onto the sweet 16. big night for the panthers hosting the redwings on kevin spacey night. also honoring yammer jagr.. >> we had the match going and then all of a sudden peek-a-boo. it's president underwood. >> gotta love it, frank
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